Self-Moving, Is It Worth It? What To Know

Apr 1, 2022 | Moving Tips

What You Should Know About Self-Moving

If you are planning an upcoming move? Are you planning on moving yourself? If so now is the time to start preparing for it.

When you plan on moving on your own instead of hiring professional movers, the following tips will help.

You Need More Truck Space Than You Think 

One thing to consider for a self-move is the truck space you may need. It is easy enough to look at the back of your pickup truck and assume you can fit everything from one or two bedrooms in one trip, but you might soon discover how much room your furniture and boxes take up. If you are attempting to move on your own with just one pickup truck, you could end up making several trips throughout the day just getting the belongings to your new home. A better option is to rent a moving truck, as various sizes are available. Get a bigger truck than the one you think you need or choose the largest size. This ensures everything is done in a single trip.

A Hand Truck is Your New Best Friend 

Even if you don’t have a professional mover helping move boxes and appliances, you should at least use some of their tools. A hand truck is a great asset and will become your favorite tool for moving. However, it would be best to consider what it will be used for, as some are better for large appliances and others are suitable for stacking boxes. In addition, some hand trucks, also called dollies, are designed to move things up and down stairs.

You’ll Need Help with Big Appliances 

Choosing to self-move means you won’t be paying movers to load and unload the truck and drive your belongings to your new home. However, that doesn’t mean you can handle all the moving independently. You still need plenty of help with the boxes, appliances, and other items. You might find that some appliances, such as your refrigerator or washing machine, require more physical strength than you have. Try to ask a few strong friends or relatives to help. This not only gets the job faster when moving a lot of boxes into the trucks, but they can also help with heavy furniture and appliances.

Self-Moving vs. Hiring a Moving Company

Planning a move is a big job, so don’t assume you can handle everything independently. Consider these aspects of self-moving when deciding whether this is a good option. You might be better served by hiring a professional moving company.

Hiring a moving company has many benefits. For one, less stress is a critical factor that one should consider. Right now, do you have a hectic schedule? Then, adding self-moving to it may not be worth it. You may keep costs initially down, but when you add in your time, anxiety, stress, supply costs and more, the low costs may not outweigh the benefits of hiring a moving company.

Professional movers offer so many additional services that you must consider when deciding on self-moving vs. hiring a moving company. Moving supplies for one are essential to think about. Not using the right boxes and shipping tape can cause more harm to your most precious items than using the high-quality supplies a moving company can provide. Some moving companies even offer storage while moving. Maybe cheaper than the POD you are thinking about getting.

So, if you are on the fence about deciding on self-moving vs. hiring a professional and affordable moving company, contact Charles Moving and Storage. Let us explain all of our services to determine what is best for you.

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