How To Pack Collectibles When Moving

Nov 20, 2021 | Moving Tips

Learn How To Properly Pack Collectibles When Moving To Keep Them Safe

Are you planning to move soon? While the anticipation of moving to another beautiful location is rising, the challenges you may face also increase. As with any type of move, residential or commercial, there are many vital elements to consider. One of them is “how to pack collectibles?” We certainly can agree that those who have collectibles we consider them a high value. However, with that said, most are fragile and need to be handled with the utmost care.

So now you are planning your move and are worried about your cherished collectibles. Yes, it can be a challenge and worry about how to pack them to keep them safe. But do not worry; if appropriately packed, your collectibles can travel for miles without harm.

All you have to do is follow the tips below.

Using High-Quality Boxes Is Vital

You may think all boxes are the same, well they are not.

Most boxes are made with regular cardboard, whereas high-quality shipping boxes are made with corrugated cardboard. You never want to use regular cardboard, especially when dealing with valuable collectibles.

You also want to get corrugated boxes that have a larger “flute” size. By this, the term flute means s-curved cardboard that is sandwiched in between two outer pieces of cardboard. The larger flute size makes for a stronger box.

You must know never to use boxes that have been used before. With wear, all types of boxes will lose their structural integrity becoming weaker.

Choose Your Shipping Tape Wisely

Not all tape is the same. The dollar store, for example, may be cheap but not always sturdy.

There is also a difference between shipping tape and storage tape.

By purchasing shipping tape that is labeled “heavy-duty” you will have tape that is generally twenty times stronger than regular storage tape. This type of tape uses a hot melt adhesive, enabling it to have solid and durable holding capabilities. It is also made with acrylic adhesives, making it resistant to UV and withstand a wide range of temperatures. For these reasons, shipping tape is the preferred choice, especially if there will be long-term storage.

Wrapping the Right Way Is Crucial

How you wrap your collectibles can be the most vital factor in keeping them safe and out of harm’s way.

Unlike clothing and various other items to be moved, collectibles will need to be better cushioned when wrapped. Bubble wrap, air pillows and foam peanuts are the recommended choice.

Pottery and glass items such as vases with cavities will need to be filled with foam peanuts. 

Soft covered collectible books consider placing them in mylar bags. This protects them from moisture. For extra protection, place an acid-free backing board behind it. Pack it in the heavy-duty shipping box and cushion them well.

Keep Items Tightly Packed

When inserting your collectibles into the heavy-duty shipping box, keep them tight. Do not allow for any movement to occur while picking up or moving the box. You can add extra filler such as newspaper, paper towels, lines etc. if needed. 

Write “Fragile” On All Sides of The Box

It may not seem important, but it is. Make sure after sealing up the boxes to write the word “fragile” on all sides. This ensures that anyone who picks up and moves the packages will know to treat them carefully.

Should I Pack My Collectibles Myself?

Packing your valued collectibles yourself may not be a wise decision. Some items can be extremely delicate, and without the necessary packing techniques applied, they can damage easily. Hiring a professional moving company may be a better option for you.

But, when hiring a moving company, it is also crucial to hire a reputable good moving company.

We would like to be your moving company of choice. The great thing about our moving company, Charles Moving and Storage, is that we provide all the supplies needed. This ensures you are getting the best quality boxes, tape, service and more. We supply the supplies, pack, ship and unpack. We also provide storage for all of your items, including the collectibles in our state-of-the-art storage facilities.

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