5 Packing Tips, Tricks and Hacks For Moving

Feb 14, 2022 | Moving Tips

Make Packing Easy With These 5 Packing Tips

Perhaps you have been planning a move for a while and are looking forward to it. Fortunately, it can be an exciting time, but unfortunately, it can bring on a tremendous amount of stress. Here is where packing and unpacking come to play. Typically, many people do not enjoy packing and unpacking. So here we want to help you ease your stress with a few packing tips to make the job easier.

5 Packing Tips

Downsize and Declutter

Packing is easier with fewer items to pack. Declutter each room before packing. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t use it or wear it, get rid of it. Donate those unnecessary items to charity. You’ll feel better knowing that you’ve decluttered your home and done a good deed.

Organize and Label

Pack each room and label boxes as you go. It will help you stay organized and prevent rummaging through items later. Appropriately labeled boxes can be distributed to the proper room for easy unpacking.


Use recyclable packing material. Although most people use cardboard boxes for packing and moving, there are alternatives to consider. Most people throw boxes away when finished with them. However, plastic totes and large zipper-style storage bags can contain clothes, bed linen, books, and other items. They’re stylish and reusable.

Consider hiring a moving company if you are putting all of your items away in closets and drawers and do not need zipper-style storage bags. Hire a company that provides all the necessary shipping materials for the move, such as boxes, shipping tape and more. By purchasing and using standard boxes from the nearest store, you leave your cherished items open for damage. In addition, these boxes are not strong and secure enough to travel. The boxes a reputable moving company will provide are durable to protect your items and keep them safe from damage.

Pack a Personal Bag

Whether flying to your destination or driving, take a bag packed with a change of clothes and personal items. You probably won’t feel like unpacking immediately after a long trip. However, an overnight bag will provide you with things you need to feel fresh until you get settled.

Loading and Unloading

Load boxes according to each area to group all items for a specific room. Then, unload them the same way; for example, keep all kitchen items together to take directly to the kitchen and unpack.

Once you’ve reached your destination and unloaded your furniture, set up your bedrooms first, you don’t have to get everything organized right away, but setting up the beds is a priority. After all, you’ll want to get some restful sleep before you settle into your new home.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Good luck! If you need professional, affordable, reliable and safe moving services, be sure to contact Charles Moving and Storage. We are here to make your move exciting and stress-free while we handle all of your needs from moving supplies, storage and more.

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