6 Best Tips: Downsizing For Retirement

Apr 27, 2022 | Moving Company

Ready to Downsize for Retirement? 6 Best Tips to Help You Get Down To It 

So the children have left home, and you’re now approaching retirement. You realize the house where you raised your children is too big for just the two of you. So you’re thinking of downsizing for retirement, selling off and moving into a smaller space. 

You expect to raise enough to buy a smaller house and put the extra money into your retirement fund. In addition, a smaller home also means reduced maintenance costs, energy bills, and taxes.  

After consulting family and property professionals, doing all the math, and settling on downsizing your accommodation, it’s time to start doing it. But first things first. It would be best to reduce your belongings to fit into a smaller space. So, take a look here for a few pointers when downsizing for retirement. 

Downsizing For Retirement Tips

Sort Your Belongings

All your household goods will not fit into the new house, so you need to sort through your belongings. Allocate the task enough time, for it takes time to go through every room, including storage areas. Therefore, it can take months rather than weeks.

The task will be emotionally draining. It can revive both happy and sad memories. Be clear on how much you need to discard, then get to work. 

Work With a Floor Plan

A floor plan for your new house will show you exactly how much room you have. You will then be able to tell whether your large furniture pieces will fit into the new space. If not, sell them and buy compact, multi-functional pieces. Then, make maximum use of every inch of space available. 

Hold on to items you’re attached to emotionally, within limits. Sell or give away the rest. 

Organize Your Documents

Pay particular attention to documents. Keep important documents. Retain birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, academic certificates, insurance documents, property deeds, etc. Discard other papers, making sure you shred everything with your name and personal details on it. 

Deal With Family Heirlooms and Photographs

Keep important family heirlooms. However, if the item is no longer of value, free up room by passing it on to a younger family member. As for photographs, organizing them into scrapbooks will be helpful. 


A few days before moving day, engage with help, and clean your new place thoroughly. In addition to cleaning the floor, clean the ceiling, windows, and every nook and cranny — all the areas that might be difficult to reach once the furniture is in the house.

Plan How You Will Be Moving

The move itself is a significant factor to consider. Are you moving locally or across the country. Deciding whether to move your items yourself or hire a moving company must be a priority. While doing the move yourself may save you money, the cost of stress and anxiety may not be worth the savings. It’s always beneficial to weigh both of your options.

Downsizing for Retirement Final thoughts

Downsizing can be emotionally and physically draining. However, if you do it right, you will have less stress and more money to enjoy. You can then live comfortably and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do in retirement.

Do You Need a Moving Company

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