Guide To Moving Across Town

Dec 1, 2021 | Uncategorized

Moving Across Town

Are you moving across town and need help. Although initially, it may seem simple because the move is close, you may find yourself dealing with the same overwhelming stress as if you were moving cross country. In this article, we hope to address the move and ease the pressure.

First and foremost, there is a significant difference between moving across town vs. moving cross country. However, Even though your move is only a short distance, there will still be challenges, but by following the right steps, these issues can come easier.

We start by offering you a few helpful tips to get on your way.

Moving Across Town Tips

First off, the actual move time should be much shorter as the distance is much closer, perhaps even in one day vs. several days or weeks. It all depends on how far the move is and whether you are moving all of your items yourself or hiring a reliable mover. Note: not all moving companies are the same.

Do-It-Yourself Move

A DIY move may work for you if you have easy access to family, friends, and neighbors with a reliable van or pick-up truck and, of course, the time to help you move. If no one has a van or pick-up truck, you will have to rent one from a local rental truck agency. Unfortunately, when one tries to rely on others, things may not always go as smoothly as one thought. Hiring a dependable and affordable professional moving company can be a better option for relieving stress and moving on quickly.

Hiring a Moving Company vs. a DIY

Why can hiring a moving company be better? As we already mentioned getting people together to help may cause undue stress, but there is more. For example, large furniture items, perhaps large appliances and large boxes, will need to be lifted, carried and placed at their new location. In addition, by using non-professional movers like friends, items often become damaged, and personal injury can happen. No one wants their grandfather clock or beautiful piano damaged in the move. And what about your priceless valued collectibles? Please take a look here to see how to box pack your prized possessions to keep them safe.

You may not realize that the shipping boxes, whether going across the county or moving across town, need to be of high quality; if not, anything can happen to them during the move. Therefore, the tape you use is crucial as well. After all, when a box opens, the risk of damage increases.

Which Moving Option is For You?

When moving across town, things may seem straightforward, but as you can see, they may not be. At first, you may feel a DIY move is a cheaper option; however, when stress, time, safety and damage are factored in, hiring a professional moving company can end up being a more affordable and better option.

When searching for a moving company, it is vital to find the best. For example, not all companies thoroughly screen their employees, not all moving trucks have first-class air-ride suspension and let us not forget not all provide a full range of moving services. With a full range of moving services, all of your moving needs can be handled with one company, not in the hands of many.

Are you moving across town? Charles Moving and Storage would like you to view our moving company and give us a call. We provide the full range of moving services you may need, from high-quality packing materials, packing services, moving of items in first-class air-ride suspension trucks, unpacking as well as personal storage if required.

If you are a veteran or senior citizen we will be happy to offer you discounts.

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