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Mar 21, 2022 | Moving Company

Top-Rated NJ Moving Company: Charles Moving and Storage

Are you planning a residential or business move and searching for a top-rated NJ moving company? Did you know that nearly 31 million people moved to the United States in 2019? How about the 27.1 million people who have moved within the US in 2021?

Over 10% of Americans move every year and choosing an NJ moving company critical to ensuring you have a smooth move. The right moving and storage company will make your transition seamless, and let you focus on getting your family settled rather than worry about your belongings making it one piece. 

Looking to hire a top-rated NJ moving company? Read on for our guide on how to choose a moving company, and learn the reasons why Charles Moving and Storage is the right pick for you. 

What to Look for in an NJ Moving Company 

Whether you are looking for a local or long-distance moving company, it’s important to know that the company has the resources and experience necessary to support your move. With another year of a hot real estate market predicted, here are some of the factors to consider when seeking out a moving company: 

  • Type of move: Is your move residential or commercial? A residential move involves transporting your personal belongings, where a commercial move supports offices. 
  • Storage requirements: In an ideal world, your move-in and out dates will align perfectly. The reality is, this is often not the case. Look for a moving company that can also support storing your items, if necessary, between your move dates.
  • Provides all moving supplies: You may not feel this is necessary as you can head on out to your local department store for boxes, tape and more. But what you may not know is that not all supplies are rated equal when it comes to shipping materials. Durable and strength play a key role in keeping your movable items safe at all times.  
  • Service locations: Your move may be a local or long distance, perhaps even international. Be sure to evaluate the serviceable distances of your moving companies to ensure they meet your needs. 

Why Charles Moving & Storage Is Right For You 

Whether it is your personal or professional belongings, you want to put them in the hands of movers you can trust. With years of experience delivering quality at a fair price, Charles Moving and Storage is the perfect, reliable partner for your move. 

Free Fast Quotes

We know that evaluating movers is important, and understanding, if they fit within your budget, is critical when making a move. We provide free quotes quickly so you can make an informed decision to work with us. 

Trusted Reviews From Satisfied Clients 

Our customers’ reviews speak to the reliability and quality of our work helping Americans move. We have worked with customers around America to ensure that their moving and storage goes smoothly, under any circumstances including deadlines. We ensure the downtime for businesses is minimal, and the disruption to your family life is shortened with efficient moving. 

Fully Licensed to Support Your Move

Charles Moving and Storage fully Licensed and insured company, operating under the New Jersey Board of Public Movers and warehousemen.

Senior Citizen and Veteran Discounts

At Charles Moving and Storage, our team is always happy to provide the best NJ moves to our seniors and veterans. They are a huge part of our communities, and we want to thank them for their years of service, whether it be keeping our country safe or simply being a fantastic neighbor.

Select the Top-Rated NJ Moving Company

Charles Moving and Storage’s experience, fair pricing and reliable service will get your belongings safely to your new home or business. 

Reach Out for a Quote Today 

Choosing the right NJ moving company will put your mind at ease, and make your experience moving an enjoyable and positive one. 

Reach out to a member of our team today for a free quote today. 

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