Tips For a Smooth Move From NJ to PA

Oct 12, 2022 | Moving Tips

As Pennsylvania continues its population growth, you might be looking at moving from NJ to PA. Whether it’s moving for work or a better family situation, there’s a checklist you’ll need as you pack up and head west. Moving you and your family can be a complex process, but there is no need to stress when there is help when moving from NJ to PA.

To experience a non-stressful move, preparation is vital. Make a checklist of all chores that need to be completed before the move, including hiring a moving company, donating or selling items you no longer need, and contacting the post office to ensure your mail will get appropriately forwarded.

As your list will include much more than these few suggestions, following the simple steps we outline is a start to make the moving process simpler and more manageable.

Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company is one of the best moves you can make when moving to Pennsylvania. Professionals can advise you about packing, organizing, and labeling items for your move. Some moving companies, like Charles Moving and Storage, offer packing and unpacking services, including all the required moving supplies. This service can be an excellent choice to do.

As Long-distance moving involves packing delicate items carefully, professional movers are experts at this. But before you begin, it’s recommended to organize things by room. For example, when moving for work, you want to be able to find any necessary documents or equipment you’ll need immediately. 

Talk with a moving company about the cost of moving. Know what fees you will incur during the process. The cost of moving doesn’t have to be expensive, but you should inquire about the distance and the time involved. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Items

Hold a garage sale to eliminate things you no longer need or use. Donate what you don’t sell (and even take advantage of a tax write-off). You’ll even make a few dollars you can put towards your move. 

Perhaps you want new decor for your new home. You can take your money and put it towards new furniture, drapes, and area rugs. Spend your garage sale money on new pictures, knick-knacks, or home technology. 

You’ll also lighten up the moving truck during long-distance moving. 

Selling what you no longer need can be cathartic. A garage (or yard) sale helps rid your life of unnecessary things when packing for moves. You will declutter and have less to take with you to Pennsylvania! 

Contact the Post Office

Be sure to tell the post office you are moving! It’s essential to complete the proper paperwork so you don’t miss out on bills, magazines, and other personal items that might be shipped to your home.

Also, notify credit card companies, relatives, and utility companies that you are moving. 

What to Know When Moving from NJ to PA 

When moving from NJ to PA, there are several things to consider, including hiring a moving company and letting go of the items you no longer need and use.

If you are moving, let the professional movers at Charles Moving and Storage help. Contact us today, and we can get you the best rates as you move from the Garden State to the Keystone State! We will give your belongings the best care as you make your big move. 

For a complete checklist of what to do when moving out of state, click here.

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