The Ultimate Moving out of State Checklist

Feb 24, 2020 | Long Distance Movers

Moving to another state can be daunting — especially if you didn’t take the time to plan properly. 

The last thing you’d want it is to turn what is supposed to be a happy occasion into an unnecessarily stressful one. There are certain points of information that you should know when planning a move to another state. 

If you’re moving out of state and don’t quite know where to start, let the tips below help you out. 

What You Need to Do When Moving Out of State

The miles are one thing — you need to know which matters really come into play when it is time to pick up and move. 

When you handle your move with some savvy it immediately becomes less stressful. Keep these points on your checklist whenever you’re planning a move:

1. Shop Around For and Hire the Best Possible Moving Professionals

Hiring movers is always best, but when you have a long-distance move it’s a downright necessity. 

Vet your movers with guilds such as the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), research their state license, and find them with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It will be a whole lot easier to put trust in a mover and their capability when you take your time and hire the best professionals. 

2. Take the Time to Switch Over Your Bills and Information

Logistics can either be simple and straight forward or they can get in the way and create calamities. 

As soon as you get your new address you should take time to switch billing information. That way your utilities are already set up when you get to the new residence, and you will already have an idea about how your new state handles these sorts of issues. 

3. Figure Out How to Handle Your Automobiles

Since your move is across a great distance, it’s time to decide whether your car are going to make the trip with you. 

If you have an old clunker, it probably isn’t worth it to ship it or risk driving it unless the vehicle has serious sentimental value. Even if you have a newer vehicle that runs well, you will need to weigh the time, money and stress involved with driving versus having a company tow or ship the car. 

Depending on your circumstances, it may also be worthwhile to transport your vehicles and then catch a flight to your new destination. 

Embarking on a road trip could be great for the whole family, but you should first decide whether it’s how you want to handle the move. 

4. Get as Organized as Possible

Take the time to mentally prepare for your move and perhaps invest in a storage rental.

Consider using some organization apps to create spreadsheets, checklists, and reminders that will help you with the move. 

This way, everything will be handled to your liking. 

Address Every Part of Your Move

If you’re moving out of state, the tips above are an absolute must. 

The tips above are a great starting point. Our company would be happy to help you the rest of the way. 

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