Relocating A Business Checklist, 6 Top Tips

Feb 13, 2021 | Commercial Movers

Tips to Help Relocate Your Business to a New Location

The business world comes with many challenges that are unforeseeable or difficult to anticipate ahead of time. Some of these challenges may require you to relocate your business to another state. However, merely setting up a shop in another state may be trickier than it seems, as there are obstacles you have to navigate through to make sure the process is done without any hitches or constraints. If you are expected to make this move, then here are several solutions you can apply to help make your relocation process as smooth as possible.

Relocating a Business Checklist

1. Set Up a Temporary Forwarding Address

The postal service will provide several online options to help you set up a temporary forwarding address during your move. Once your new location is ready, you can switch to your permanent address. Also, the setup cost of a forwarding address only consists of a minor service fee. By doing this, you can expedite any other processes you have to do while you are relocating. You can also print color-coded addresses on any office furnishings and packages so they can be shipped to your new location quickly.

2. Purchase Furniture and Equipment in Advance

Before the moving date, make sure you have your new furnishings and equipment already purchased. You can hire a moving company to start setting up your new equipment at your new location well ahead of the move-in date. Having your office decorated and set up in place before the move will help you get your team adjusted quickly and up to speed on more critical tasks once they arrive.

3. Ensure Complete Internet Access

Internet access and Wi-Fi connections are essential to have established before anyone turns on a computer in your new office. Be sure the router and internet service is already configured to run at your new location. Besides, make sure every team member has the Wi-Fi password accessible as soon as they come into their new workstations. Having your entire IT infrastructure in place well ahead of the move can reduce stress and allow your team members to adjust to the new location quickly.

4. Check All Essential Building Functions

Moving into a new location also means a new building. Each new building has a list of essentials to review on your checklist as you make the move. These include the power, electricity, water, air conditioning, and heater systems. In most cases, the building owner or landlord already has these amenities set up for your move, but double-check so there are no problems during the transition. Once the movers are completed with furnishing the office, perform a walkthrough and make sure no items have been left forgotten or ignored. You can also set up weekly cleanings to be performed at the office.

5. Organizing the New Office

As you wrap up the unpacking process, make regular calls to the moving manager to help your team finishing unpacking their items. The most essential items on your packing list include computer equipment, critical legal documents, employee documents, company registration documents, security equipment, and more. If there is any damage to items during the move-in process, then document them on a bill of lading. This document records the receipt of moving services rendered and allows you to report any damaged items. If you do not notify the moving services about the damaged items early, then it could lead to a dispute in the future.

With these components considered, relocating to a new business can be more manageable if you anticipate the steps ahead of time. Before you and your team start packing supplies, discuss the key steps with your team first and apply them to your moving process. The more items you can write off on your checklist ahead of time, the more seamless your transition will be.

6. Time To Find a Moving Company

With so many moving companies out there, it is vital to hire the best. At Charles Moving and Storage we would like to provide you a short bulleted list of what we do. All of these should be considered when planning your business move.

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By providing you with our 6 Top Tips, Relocating A Business Checklist, we hope is will help you. We are looking forward to helping you with your move as well.

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