6 Top Tips When Planning a Spring Move

Jan 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

Are You Planning a Spring Move?

There has never been a better time to plan a move than a spring move. But, before you pack up your belongings and hit the road to the new place you’ll call home, there are some things you should know when preparing for a spring move.

We’re going to help make moving in the Spring easier than stopping to smell the flowers and set you up for success. Get ready to start packing after you check out these tips we have to offer.

1. Plan Early

The earlier you start planning, the better. This is especially true if you’re looking to hire a moving and storage company to assist you.

You need to do things like schedule an appointment with the company and pack ahead of time, so there’s nothing to delay the move. This will help you pull off a successful spring move.

2. Put the Utilities in Your Name

When moving during the Spring, the last thing you want is to forget to transfer the utilities for your new place into your name. You also don’t want to forget to remove your name from your existing utilities.

Take a moment before things get hectic to contact the heating, electrical, and other utility companies to set up your new accounts. Trust us, at the end of the moving day, you’re going to want access to hot water to take a relaxing bath or shower.

3. Check Traffic

No one wants to get stuck in traffic when they’re moving, and it’s for this reason you need to avoid delays at all costs. If there’s an accident, you cannot do much, but you can plan a route that’s not as traveled by others.

It also may help if you choose to travel earlier or later in the day to avoid potential traffic delays.

4. Watch the Weather

The showers in April bring May flowers, which could mean rain or inclement weather when you’re moving. Keep an eye on the weather forecast ahead of your move.

If the forecast calls for bad weather, you can change the day of the move or take extra precautions to shield yourself and your personal items from becoming damaged.

5. Declutter Your Home 

Before you start packing, don’t forget to declutter your home. You don’t want to do this after you’ve got to your new place because that can be overwhelming.

Decluttering your home before packing will help you conserve packing supplies and ensure you’re not taking things you don’t need to your new place. 

6. Rest Throughout the Process

The temperature in the Spring begins to climb, and while you might want to get everything packed quickly, we recommend you take breaks. You and the people you’ve hired to help you move need to stay hydrated throughout the moving process.

Without breaks, you could find the entire process takes longer than you want it to.

Preparing for a Spring Move

When you choose a Spring move over other seasonal moves, you can do some things to prepare in advance. It’s vital to declutter your home and find the right moving service to help you out.

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