New Jersey Movers, Local, Long Distance, DIY or Hire

Dec 22, 2020 | Moving Company

New Jersey Movers, Local and Long Distance Moving DIY or Hire

About 31 million people moved in the US last year. If you’re one of them, you know how stressful moving can be.

But fortunately for New Jersey residents looking for New Jersey Movers, we’re here to help.

Here are our top tips if you decide to do it yourself, (DIY) or hire a professional mover.

DIY Move

Start Early

This study shows that moving can be more stressful than divorce.

So we know your move is still a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start. Moving is a big project, so the earlier you can get a jump start on it the better.

Start about two months before your move out date. Pack up things that you use least often, such as storage and out of season gear. Gradually move up to stuff that you don’t actively use like artwork.

As you get closer to the move, you can start to pack stuff you use more regularly. All of this will make sure your moving day isn’t a hectic nightmare.

Stay Organized

Label all your boxes based on the room they go to when you settle into your new home. You can color-code them for easy recognition with colored duct tape. You can also number them, and keep a spreadsheet or notebook saying what’s in each numbered box.

This way, when you’re looking for something later on, you know exactly where to find it without tearing into every single box.

Pack Carefully

There’s nothing worse than getting around to unpacking your favorite dishware only to find it shattered on the trip over. Each item has ways to pack them to ensure their safe travel.

For example, separate glass plates with paper plates to give them some cushion so they don’t rattle against each other.

You can also double soft things like blankets, towels, and pillows as packing material too. For example, you may want to pack your favorite vase in a blanket and two pillows alone in its own box. This way your vase is protected, and you fill out the box with blankets and pillows too.

Get Help

Moving is a hectic, busy project. It’s a lot for one person to tackle, so it’s okay to ask for help. Enlist friends and family to keep an eye on kids or pets so you can get some focused packing out of the way.

You can also ask them to help you load boxes on moving day. Most friends will help you move in exchange for beer and pizza, or something equivalent.

Hire Professional New Jersey Movers

New Jersey Movers, Local, Long Distance, DIY or Hire

Moving can be an extremely stressful time. It can also be a time of enjoyment while waiting to move to your new location and take the next path in your life’s journey. But as many of us know, our lives can be stressful on a regular day, getting the kids off to school, getting ready for work; well, we all know what follows.

Above, we have listed some tips if you would like to take on this move by yourself. But, are you aware that by hiring a professional NJ moving company, they can do most of this for you?

Start Early and Get Organized

We recommend to start early and organize. Get your thoughts together, keep what you want and get rid of what you do not. But now, let’s talk about packing.

Companies That Pack, Ship, and Unpack

Companies like Charles Moving and Storage pack, ship, and unpack. Sound like a good idea? And they have the experience to pack neatly and correctly to keep all of your valued possessions safe during the move.

Companies That Provide Boxes, Supplies, and Storage Services

Now let’s discuss boxes, supplies and how about storage. Companies like Charles Moving and Storage can provide all of these services for you. This can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress. Need to store your items during the move. Have no worries with a company like Charles!

Now, are you considering working with a professional moving company, even if you’re moving locally.

Charles Moving and Storage can help you safely move your possessions. Overall, they will make your life easier, and hiring professional movers is well worth the investment.

The Right New Jersey Movers Will Make Your Move Easy

When you’re moving in or around New Jersey or out of state, make sure to seek out the right New Jersey movers to make your move a breeze. When you move, pack carefully, stay organized, and start early.

And above all, if you want to do a DIY, don’t be afraid to ask for help, or if you choose professionals, Charles Moving and Storage is waiting to help you. Moving is stressful, and we can make it easier.

Ready to plan your move? Get your free quote today and enjoy your move!

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