Moving Overseas? 4 Vital Tips

Apr 4, 2022 | Moving Tips

Moving Overseas? What You Need to Know

Moving overseas is a complex task, requiring all the tasks of moving with governmental red tape. Unlike moving across town or cross-country, if you’ve left something behind, it may cost more to retrieve it than the item is worth. If you forget to fill out the proper paperwork, the consequences of an overseas move can be severe. But your move abroad can be relatively smooth if you know the essentials.

Know What Documentation You Need

Most countries have rigorous requirements for permanent migration, and failing to comply with the requirements can have serious consequences, including fines or even deportation. If you plan to move abroad for work or educational opportunities, you still need to provide documentation on time. Check the embassy website for your destination for information on the type of visa you will need. Your employer or school might be able to advise you on which documents you will need and the best options for completing and filing. If you are moving to live with a spouse or plan to bring relatives with you, consult an immigration lawyer.

Know What You Can and Cannot Bring With You

Some plant-based materials may not be allowed for fear of invasive species or spreading disease, and animals may be quarantined. Even certain toys may be banned in other countries; for example, Kinder Surprise eggs were banned in the United States until 2013. The quarantine process can be stressful for animals, so if you plan to return in less than five years, it may be a better option to have your animals temporarily re-homed with a friend or family member.

Know What You Should Bring With You

Research the climate of your destination country. Determine whether you will need to purchase clothing or other weather-sensitive items. Dispose of any items not suited to the environment of your new home. For example, electrical appliances may not be compatible with the systems in your new home. Get adapters designed for the outlets in your new home. In many countries, living spaces are traditionally small. Consider this if you’re thinking of shipping furniture or large appliances. That lovely sofa may not fit through the door. When house hunting in your new country, measure doorways and rooms to decide if your larger pieces of furniture will fit.

Know How To Bring It With You

Overseas shipping can be costly. Shop around for the best value in overseas moving companies. Check customer reviews and ask about their policies and insurance. It’s not a bargain if only half your items arrive intact. Compare the cost of buying new items when you arrive to having them shipped. Keep a detailed inventory, and photograph any valuable items if they are damaged in transit. Review your inventory checklist when your items arrive.

Bon Voyage!

Moving Overseas and Need a Moving Company?

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