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Jun 28, 2021 | Local Moving

Moving Locally? How Our Short-Distance Moving Services can Help

Moving locally? 

If you’re heading to a different part of New Jersey or a close-by section just over the border, New Jersey local movers can make your relocation easy.

Not only will hiring local movers cost you less money, but you’re also able to customize your services to get what you need.

Here are all the ways a short-distance move service can help.

Knowledge of the Area

The reality of many long-distance moving companies is that you’re simply a number on a page. Movers, often from out of state, tend to be very large moving companies, dealing with many customers from all over. When moving locally it is better to hire a moving company within the state who can provide you with their personal knowledge of the area and individual attention to your move.

By hiring New Jersey local movers, you can feel good about knowing the people you’re employing live in NJ like you. You’re also supporting the community in which you live and/or work. Staying local helps support a small business instead of giving money to large corporations.


You may not realize how big a deal it is to work with licensed local movers until you learn what’s at stake. A moving company with licensure not only provides legitimacy, but also protects you in case something happens.

First, your items are protected when a company is bonded and insured. With the right paperwork, you can feel safe about transporting even your most valuable items.

Also, if you needed to file a complaint—not saying you ever would, but if you did—you’d be able to file through the state using the local mover’s NJPC to initiate the claim.

Customizable Jobs

There is very little leniency in big moving companies. Most offer flat rates and require contracts, leaving you responsible for the costs even if they don’t do the job they promise.

When moving locally, it’s always better to work with a company that is professional and can provide a wide array of moving services, beyond just the transport, so you can enjoy the experience.

Also, local NJ movers can often negotiate rates—did you know we offer referral bonuses?— discuss specific aspects of your move (for example, how they’ll transport valuables), and build rapport with people who will be in your home.

Peace of Mind

Let’s say you’re considering the other option when moving locally: doing it yourself. Whether you have a one-bedroom apartment or an entire house full of stuff, moving DIY can be a hassle.

With the housing market reaching all-time highs post-pandemic, you can worry about getting into your apartment or home without dealing with packing, loading, and other hassles.

Plus, you’re hiring pros with years of experience doing work you’d probably rather not do yourself.

Moving Locally In NJ

The benefits of moving locally include saving money, working with people who care, and giving yourself peace of mind. Hiring local is good for your community and offers you, a new homeowner or commercial property owner, a ton of benefits as well.

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