Moving? How To Choose an Indoor Storage Facility?

Nov 19, 2020 | Storage

What Questions Should I Ask Before Finding an Indoor Storage Facility?

Are you planning a move and wondering what you will do with all of your most cherished and valued items?

Before you spend too much time looking for an indoor storage unit, ask yourself the following questions regarding how to choose an indoor storage facility.

  • For local storage, why would anyone choose a facility further away?
  • For those living in urban areas where space is at a premium, will that reflect monthly rates?
  • Do cheaper rates mean a lesser quality storage rental unit?
  • If I hire a moving company that provides safe and secure storage, is that the best option?

Why are drive-up access units a bad idea?

The same convenient access for renters makes it easier for thieves to drive up and steal your belongings. These are also outdoor units with fewer climate control options. Avoiding drive-up storage units and leaning toward indoor units typically ensures more amenities and greater security for stored items.

Most units come with combination or other forms of locks. Should additional locks be purchased?

Every indoor storage unit renter should purchase a separate lock for their space. The locks provided by the facility aren’t free in most cases. Besides saving a bit of money, this is an additional security measure. Getting a high-end lock will deter thieves from stealing stored belongings, and it also avoids leaving items at the disposal of facility owners or employees.

Is climate control required for indoor storage?

Climate control is required for items like electronics, artwork, and any temperature-sensitive items. Clothing and other likely candidates for long-term storage are climate-sensitive. So, the unit must protect whatever is stored there. 

What size unit is best?

The apparent idea is that the smallest units are cheaper, so if stored items are kept to a minimum, it could result in considerable cost savings over time. However, piling items in a too-small unit can damage the very items being saved for future use. So, it’s imperative to spend time organizing and packing items carefully and label containers by room and contents for easy sorting.

Should the rental fee be paid in advance?

There is a strong likelihood that the further ahead rent is paid, the greater the indoor storage unit discount. This is especially advantageous if belongings will be stored for a prolonged period. When the renter is unsure of the length of time items will be held or if items will be stored for a short time, paying in advance is no longer an advantage.

When is it advantageous to sign a long-term rental?

If someone is moving across the country for a job or other commitment but intends to move back to the area, a longer-term rental (a year or more) can save money and avoid the hassle of renegotiating the contract on a month to month basis. Beware of penalties for terminating long-term leases early. All signed contracts should be carefully reviewed.

What is the best way to compare options?

Using online search methods can help you find a vast number of storage rental units; however, how do you really know which one will be the best, both in cost and safety? Many offer discounts, but much of those discounts reflect lower quality units. And always, make sure they are climate-controlled.

I am Moving. How do I choose a storage facility?

If you are moving, is it best to hire a moving company that provides storage? Then, you do not have to worry and stress over the long list of questions listed above. A professional and reliable, licensed and insured moving company that provides storage will take care of everything for you. The units will be climate-controlled, keeping your valuables safe. The size will be right for the number of items you have, and all fees will be transparent at the start.

So put the online tools aside and stop comparing the random cost of various storage unit rentals. Contact Charles Moving & Storage; you complete moving specialists who provide a safe and smooth move while providing boxes, supplies, and climate-controlled storage units. Rest assured your cherished belongings will be safe with Charles Moving and Storage.

Moving? How To Choose an Indoor Storage Facility?

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