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Nov 9, 2021 | Moving Company

Moving From NJ to Miami: Everything You Need to Know

Have you been contemplating a move to Miami, Florida from New Jersey? Living in Miami comes with a plethora of benefits. You’ll get to experience all of the beauty Florida has to offer while immersing yourself in the culture Miami provides. 

Moving from NJ to Miami is a big move to consider, however. The two have a lot of differences, but if warmth, culture, nature, and the option of amazing nightlife are what you’re looking for, then Miami is the place to be! Before you pack up your bags and head out the door, let’s make sure you first know everything there is to know about making this move. 

Continue reading the guide below to prepare yourself for an amazing new chapter in life!

Hire Professional Movers

Making even a short-distance move can place a lot of stress on a family or individual. Leaving New Jersey for Miami should have you considering professional movers. How can professional movers help? 

Professional movers can help with a lot of aspects during your move. For example, they can pack up your home for you, load the moving truck, transport your items, and unpack them for you at your new location. Some moving companies even offer storage services to give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure at all times. 

With the help of all these services, you can take some of the stress off of yourself and focus on other aspects of the move. 

Switch Your Utilities

Before you find yourself in a new Miami location with no power or running water, do remember to switch your utilities. Make sure you let your current utility companies know when your last day at your current location will be. Then, take the time to research different utility companies in the Miami area you’re moving to. 

Set up a date with them to have all utilities turned on at that location. 

Know the Difference in Income Tax

When planning to move to Florida from New Jersey, there is one major benefit to keep in mind: Florida vs. NJ taxes. In NJ, the income tax rate can range from 1.4%-8.97%. On capital gains, you might see this number jump to 15%-20%. 

In Miami, you won’t have to worry about a state income tax. Florida is one out of seven states in the country that doesn’t have a state income tax.

Choose the Right Neighborhood

Last, before you finalize your move to Miami, it’s important to have a good understanding of the different neighborhoods. Depending on what type of lifestyle you live, you’ll want to find a neighborhood that suits you well. Miami can be a wonderful place to quietly raise a family and it can also be an excellent place for the nightlife and club scene. 

Take your time to explore the different neighborhoods and choose the one that’ll go best with your personal lifestyle. 

Moving From NJ to Miami Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Moving no matter where you coming from or going to can place stress on an individual. However, moving from NJ to Miami doesn’t have to be stressful when you keep this guide handy. Use all of the helpful information given above to guide you through the moving process.

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