Is The Fall a Good Time To Move?

Jul 21, 2022 | Moving Tips

Is The Fall a Good Time To Move?

Reasons and Benefits to Move in the Fall, Pros and Cons

Did you know that 80% of all moves occur between April and September? The summer months are some of the busiest and most challenging moving times.

Prices, temperatures, and stress levels are sky high. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home and start fresh, you should consider moving in the fall. 

Lower prices, more availability, and milder temperatures are just a few reasons to move in the fall. But before you pack up your home and place your items in storage, keep reading for even more benefits of moving during the fall season. 

What to Know About Moving in the Fall

While there are pros and cons to moving during every season, moving in the fall offers its own unique benefits that save you time, money, and aggravation. 

More Availablity for Moving Companies

Since there’s a high demand for reliable movers in the spring and summer, moving in the fall means more options and flexibility. Finding a moving company with your desired move-in date during the busy season can be challenging. 

After September, you’re more likely to book the date you want and get the attention you deserve. 

More Affordable Prices

When you’re preparing to move into a new home, money is everything — and every little bit helps. Most moving companies offer discounts in the fall and lower prices.

During the off-season, prices are less competitive. You can book the same residential or commercial moving service for less, which means more money in your pocket. 

The Weather is More Cooperative 

Although there’s no way to predict the weather, moving in the fall usually means more mild temperatures and less chance of rain or snow. Nothing puts a damper on a moving day, quite like an unexpected storm.

Extreme heat in the summer months also makes moving more strenuous on both you and the movers. 

Get Settled in Time for the Holidays

Chances are, you want to be settled in your new home before the holiday season arrives. Hosting a family get-together is a great way to celebrate your big move. The last thing you want is for your beautiful new home to be strewn with moving boxes.

Moving in the fall means settling and preparing for the upcoming winter months. For families with children, September also means school is back in session. Now, you can get your new home clean and organized without children underfoot. 

Simplify Moving Day with Charles Moving & Storage

Are you still wondering if the fall is a good time to move? Let the professionals at Charles Moving & Storage answer all of your questions and take the guesswork out of moving day.

We offer both residential and commercial moving services, plus long-distance moving options. We can even provide storage, moving supplies and premiere packing services. Are you moving internationally? We’ve got you covered!

Contact Charles Moving and Storage today to check availability for the upcoming fall season. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on more important things, like starting the next chapter of your life. 

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