5 Best Tips To Deal With The Emotional Stress of Moving

Oct 5, 2021 | Moving Tips

Undoubtedly the emotional stress of moving is quite normal. Moving, anxiety and depression go hand in hand for many people.

You are happy at the prospect of moving to a new home, so where is moving on the stress scale? Moving is ranked high on the list of stressful life events. To successfully grapple with the stress of moving, you need a plan.

This article sets out the moving process step-by-step to help you cope with the emotional stress of moving. You will feel surprisingly happy after you have checked off all the to-dos of moving that we outline below.

So, let’s get started: make the plan and work through it.

How To Deal with the Emotional Stress of Moving

Start Early

For many people, waiting until the last minute is what we do. But when moving, this is not a good idea. Make a plan to start earlier than you even think to, well in advance. Lots of unexpected things can happen, so give yourself plenty of time. This will surely reduce much of the emotional stress of moving. But do not stop reading here, we have more tips to help you cope with the emotional stress of moving.

DIY or Engage Professional Moving Company

If you’ve previously packed and moved your possessions, your stress level was likely pretty high. Are you planning another move? If so, it makes sense to engage reliable, professional movers to pack and move your valuable belongings.

Procure information about professional moving companies by navigating through their website and reading reviews. Explore their services. Choosing a company that does it all, from suppliespackingstorage, discounts, and more, is recommended. A full-service moving company that does everything will certainly reduce stress and make the move much more enjoyable.

Making Changes

Make a list of things you will need to change and check each item off of the list when completed.

• Change address with the post office.
• Change address with any credit cards, bank, magazines, insurance companies, etc.
• Call utility companies and furnish a cut-off date. If the same utilities are available for your new location, give them an effective date to establish the connection.

Contact your Internet, TV provider. They may have a provision to transfer service from one address to the next.


Clearing clutter is a big job. Go room by room and clear out items you no longer want or use. Your movers will pack everything from a paperclip on the floor to stacks of old magazines. You’ll save money and time spent packing and unpacking by decluttering.

Declutter as far in advance of the move as possible.

Nurture Yourself

Clearing clutter is exhausting but worth it. When you’ve finished the job, nurture yourself. Make sure to keep up with your exercise at your local gym. Continue your normal daily activities. How about a massage?

This is an excellent opportunity to explore your new neighborhood. Locate the restaurants and take-out places. Enjoy lunch at a restaurant that particularly appeals to you. Find the neighborhood shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, cleaners, and more. Enjoy and have fun!

Your being will feel as if the moving stress has melted away. Now, turn your anxiety and depression into a happy occasion and get excited about moving to your new home.

Hire a Professional, Reliable and Affordable Moving Company

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So How Stressful is Moving? It’s not at all when you hire Charles Moving & Storage

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