8 Tips to Simplify Your Move to South Carolina

Aug 31, 2022 | Long Distance Movers

How To Simplify Your Move to South Carolina

Moving can be an exciting time for you and your family, but it can also be stressful, especially if you’re moving out of state, so if you are moving to South Carolina, that is fantastic and indeed a great place to move.

South Carolina is known for its historic districts and beaches, and for those who love to golf, wow, its fabulous golf courses. Perhaps you have chosen to move to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, Florence or Spartenburg; great choice, but no worries, the other cities in South Carolina can be just as fantastic.

So now you have found your new destination and are ready to proceed with the move. Yes, moving can certainly be stressful and challenging. This is why we would like to provide you with these easy-to-follow tips to simplify your move to South Carolina or any state.

Start With a Checklist

As little and big decisions can be a hassle, start by making a checklist to keep track of all tasks that need to be done. Periodically refer to the list and check off the jobs you have completed. It’s vital to stay on track.

Stick to a Budget

Moving costs can quickly add up, especially if you’re moving long distances. Ensure you stick to a budget by utilizing a budget-creating app or website and consulting it before any big moving-related purchases.

Visit Your New State, South Carolina or Other

If possible, visit your new state to check your surroundings before moving. If you have children starting school, use that visit to familiarize yourself with their new school and meet their teachers. Drive around town and locate local necessities, like the bank, grocery store, gym, etc.

Manage Your Utilities

A few weeks before your move, make sure you arrange to turn off your utilities, like water, power, internet, and trash pickup, and have those services turned on at your new home.

Hire Movers

Are you choosing to move your personal belongings or hire a professional moving company? Moving your own items may seem cheaper, but we advise you to contact an affordable and reputable mover before you decide to see what they can offer you. You may find the cost far outweighs the frustrations, stress and time you will spend doing the move yourself.

When looking for movers, find one specializing in out-of-state or long-distance moves. Consider movers a big plus if they can provide extra packing supplies like bubble wrap, paper, boxes, and tape. Believe it or not, running around trying to purchase these items can cause additional stress you do not want. And if you need extra storage, many movers offer that as well.

Ensure You Have Proper Documentation

Make an appointment at your new local DMV to get a new driver’s license and register to vote. You’ll probably need to bring your previous driver’s license and proof of your new address (such as a water bill), so make sure you take those things with you when you go.

Pack a “Go-Bag”

The last thing you’ll feel like doing the day of your move is rummaging through your things, looking for necessities. Keep a bag handy with a few items you’ll need for your first night, such as:

• chargers for electronics
• pajamas
• sheets/pillows/towels
• shower supplies
• toothbrush/toothpaste

Start Well in Advance

As soon as you know, you’ll be moving to another South Carolina or another state, start making the necessary preparations. Preparing to move typically takes longer than expected, so give yourself plenty of time to pack and organize your belongings after you close on your new home. A bit of extra advice, some moving companies like Charles Moving and Storage offer packing and unpacking services. A service certainly to consider.

The preparations to move to another state can feel overwhelming, and it may seem like you’re never going to check everything off your to-do list. But if you start small, ask for help when needed, stay organized, and follow the above tips on simplifying your move, you can streamline the process to ensure it’s as smooth as possible.

Hire an Affordable and Reputable Moving Company That Has All the Moving Services You May Need

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