8 Signs: The Time Is Right To Sell Your House

May 6, 2022 | Moving Tips

Eight Signs that it May Be Time to Sell Your Home 

People look for a new home for various reasons throughout their lives. Many of these reasons include joyful events such as an expanding family or a job promotion. Other situations, like a divorce or a job loss, are not so positive. But sometimes there are other reasons to consider moving. Unfortunately, we often don’t see the necessity right away. The following situations are sometimes good reasons to seriously consider moving.

It’s a Sellers Market

Let us start with one of the most common reasons people choose to sell their homes today. It has been a seller’s market for the past two years, which means you stand to make a hefty profit on your property.

A few signs that you can get an excellent price for your home in your neighborhood are: The price per square foot is increasing, and the time properties stay on the market is decreasing. If this happens, it can be an excellent opportunity to sell and profit big time.

You Have Built Up Enough Equity

This is great, especially in a seller’s market.

If you have a mortgage and sell too soon, it most likely is not the optimal time to move since most of the payments go toward interest early in the mortgage loan. Then, as the years go on and you start to pay more principal, you build equity in the home. Unfortunately, you may lose money and owe more after closing costs if you move too soon.

But if you have built up enough equity in your home suitable for you to move and live comfortably, it can be a time to sell.

Tired of All The Maintenance That Goes Along With Homeownership

On average, a homeowner in the US pays out $2,000 a year for scheduled maintenance services such as private trash and recycling, house cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, septic service, and more. This cost does not include repairs which can add up quickly. For those tired of watching your hard-earned dollars slip away, considering a move to lessen these expenses is an option.

If you are tired of doing the maintenance upkeep yourself and want to settle for a condo or apartment where the maintenance is done by a company the association hires, you only have to pay the monthly fees; this is also a reason to sell.

Bad Neighbors

Being surrounded by good neighbors can dramatically increase the quality of life in any neighborhood. Likewise, living next door to people who are at best acrimonious or worse, engaged in illegal activities can make life difficult, even dangerous. What once was a good neighborhood can become undesirable when cute children grow into rebellious teenagers, a neighbor begins hoarding and refuses to keep their property clean, or domestic violence is taking place down the street. When it reaches the point that property values begin to decrease or you and your family’s safety is in question, a homeowner should consider moving.

Increased Business Near the Neighborhood

What once was a quiet, secluded neighborhood can turn into a busy part of town if a thriving business opens nearby. If you happen to live near the edge of a zoned commercial area the potential for a new business to open nearby is always possible. While we all want businesses to thrive in our communities, one too close to home can create problems such as excessive traffic and noise at late hours.

Bad Water or a Landfill Nearby

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 15 million households that receive water from private wells are not covered by EPA regulations. Even though we have some of the safest drinking water throughout the world, it can get contaminated. Everything from E Coli to Hepatitis A can be passed through contaminated drinking water. Chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and radon can seep into groundwater from landfills and industrial plants. Sometimes it may be easier to simply move than to fight the bureaucratic system to make sure the water is safe.

Empty Nest

People usually see the need to move when their family is increasing, but not always when it decreases. Once the children have left for college or gotten married, it may not be cost-effective to support a large house or expansive property. Other reasons for downsizing could include life changes such as age, divorce, illness and death.

Does The Season Affect The Time To Sell Your House?

The season can certainly affect selling a home. Take a look at this article which dives into the seasons and selling a home in great depth. In addition, you may want to check out if a “lucky day” will affect the time to move as well.

Are You Ready To Make The Move, Is It Time To Sell Your House?

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