7 Tips To Find The Best Roselle NJ Movers

Feb 12, 2021 | Moving Company

Make a Move: Tips for Finding the Best Roselle NJ Movers

Almost 10 percent of Americans moved in 2019. Whether you like it or not, moving eventually comes up as a stressful part of life. But it doesn’t have to be.   

Professional, skilled movers can mean the difference between an unmanageable move and a stress-free one. Make moving easy.

Find the best Roselle, NJ movers by heeding the seven tips below.

1. Ask About Us

Word-of-mouth advertising is powerful. It can make or break a company’s name. Ask your family, friends, co-workers, and local/neighborhood message boards for information about Charles Moving & Storage.

There’s no doubt that the well-informed people in your life will sing Charles’ praises. It has numerous glowing reviews from people just like you.

These people don’t even have a specific incentive to recommend us. Individuals and businesses alike trust Charles to move them with efficiency and the utmost care.

2. Get an Estimate

Charles will provide a highly affordable, competitive estimate. You won’t find a better price anywhere else.

3. Look for Red Flags

By hiring a moving company out of Union County, you may find yourself paying more because these companies mostly will broker to another company within Union county.

Avoid movers that do not provide First-Class Air-Ride Moving Vehicles. These types of trucks have high-quality air suspension parts that keep your personal items safe and secure while traveling.

Choose a company where all employees undergo strict background checks and go through extensive training. After all, you want your valued items to be safe throughout the entire move.

Charles Moving & Storage doesn’t have any red flags.

4. Check Their Credentials

Any mover worth doing business with will be fully credentialed. All licensed interstate movers have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number from the U.S. DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Go to the FMCSA’s protectyourmove.gov site to verify a company’s license and ask for its U.S. DOT number. For an in-state move, see a local consumer affairs agency.

As expected, Charles is fully licensed with the FMCSA.

5. Look at the Better Business Bureau

Take a good, long look at a moving company’s track record on the Better Business Bureau‘s website. Any company you choose should have a good BBB rating.

Charles has a sterling A+ rating with no customer complaints.

6. Check the Address

Log onto a mover’s website or obtain a business card. Then, search for the listed address in a phonebook or online. 

The address shouldn’t be residential. It should be registered and listed under the mover’s name. You’ll find that Charles Moving & Storage’s address is registered and listed under its own name at a commercial address.

7. Research Professional Accreditation

Before hiring any mover, ensure that it’s approved by or a member of a trade association. A moving company should have the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMover logo. Or it could be listed as an approved company on the Moving.org site. 

Charles is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association and the New Jersey Movers and Warehousemen’s Association.

The Best Roselle, NJ Movers

Roselle, NJ movers aren’t so hard to find if you look in the right places. Following the tips above will lead you to the finest full-service movers in town: Charles Moving and Storage.

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