6 Ways To Easily Simplify Your Move

Mar 1, 2022 | Moving Tips

Plan Your Next Move in Six Easy Steps to Simplify Your Move

Moving to a new home often inspires visions of living in a beautiful new place with lots of wonderful opportunities. The reality of getting from here to there, however, often includes over-stuffed boxes, unplanned delays, unexpected hassles and stressful days spent frantically planning and hastily packing. By putting a little more thought into the planning part of the moving process, it can end up being a less hectic experience.

1. Small, Manageable Steps

Make the overwhelming doable by grouping the steps involved with the planning and packing process into smaller tasks. For example, instead of randomly hopping from room to room, focus on one room at a time.

• Closets first: Save the kitchen and bathroom for last since these are rooms you’ll be using right up until the move. Instead, start with closets since things are often placed there for storage purposes anyway.

• Get your packing supplies: See if you can score free boxes from your local grocery store. If not, your moving company should be able to provide supplies. A reputable moving company will provide the right boxes at the correct weight to protect valuable during the move. Using the proper shipping tape is essential. Your time invested in shopping for supplies and packaging can be stressful in itself. Consider hiring a moving company to pack for you.

• Determine usefulness: Start with anything you know you won’t immediately need in each room, such as bulky winter coats, extra blankets and knickknacks.
Once you have just about everything organized in one room, move on to the next one. You can always come back for any essentials you’re still using. Do a final walk-through on the day of your move to make sure nothing is forgotten.

2. Label Things

No matter how good you think you’ll be at remembering what was packed where you’ll appreciate labels is when you’re searching for your coffee mug on that first morning in your new place. Use a Sharpie to write a few words describing what’s in each box.

Further, simplify things by writing down the room where the contents will go. This will also help your movers and spare you from hearing, “Where do you want this,” over and over.

Use extra luggage you have around the house to pack some things. Use the tag holder to slip in a piece of paper stating what’s inside. Opt for the white kitchen bags if you’re going to use trash bags for some stuff so you can use a marker to write on the bags.

3. Do Some Pre-Moving On Your Own

If you’re not planning a long-distance move, transport some of the smaller things on your own time. Use Tote bags or even extra suitcases to safely transport smaller breakables or stuff like laptops, game consoles, and other odds and ends.

Save the heavier items and anything that can be conveniently boxed up for the movers. Take more personal things like makeup, hygiene essentials, and medications with you on moving day.

4. Make Charity Donations

Lighten your load and do a good thing for those in need at the same time by donating anything you don’t really need to charity. Some charities will even come directly to your home. Just make sure you can schedule a pick-up before your moving date. If not, make an in-person donation or stop by a local church or community center to see if they can use some stuff.

5. Solicit Help

Enlist help from friends and relatives. If you work your charm, you may even get some help carting some stuff to your new location if it’s not too far away. Even if your only “volunteers” are your immediate family members, you should still be able to get some assistance with packing and other time-consuming duties to ease your moving-related stress.

6. Hire a Professional Moving Company To Simplify Your Move

The more effort you put into how you plan your move, the less likely it is you’ll experience major headaches. Even if you’re hiring a moving company that promises to help with everything, having a game plan of your own can provide some much-appreciated peace of mind. Taking care of some things on your end ahead of time can ease some of the stress on a moving day, however, hiring a moving company that prides itself on smooth moves can be a great benefit.

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