6 Top Tips To Planning a Move in 2022?

Dec 11, 2021 | Moving Tips

Planning a Move in 2022?

Are you excited to move in 2022? Are you staying local and moving across town, or are you making the big move cross country? It can undoubtedly be exciting; however, both can come with overwhelming stress, especially if your move includes a family with children and pets.

This article lays out a few tips to help your move in 2022 be exciting, stress-free and running smoothly.

Tips To an Exciting and Stress-Free Move in 2022

If you have purchased a new home, the closing date has been set. If you rent a new place, the move-in date has been scheduled. It is so exciting, but so much to do and think about. So, now, where do you start? The simple answer is to plan ahead, leaving yourself plenty of time to enjoy your current activities while allotting yourself extra time to do the necessary pre-move essentials. Begin by making a checklist to incorporate the what-to-do’s below.

Set a Budget

Moving can be costly, especially if you are moving out of state. Unfortunately, there will be costs you cannot avoid, but you can try to cut out the unnecessary ones. First, make the budget reasonable, knowing that things can happen where you will go over that you cannot predict. If you are driving to your new location, include items such as gas, food and lodging. If you plan on hiring a professional moving company, find a reputable moving company and reach out for a quote.

DIY Move or Hire a Professional Moving Company

At the top of your list is deciding to make your move a DIY or hire a professional mover. Speak to a moving company to see what they offer and their costs. You want to choose a company that you feel will ensure the safety of your valuables. You may feel a larger moving company will do just this; however, it can be just the opposite. A smaller moving company tends to put a higher value on its moving services. Employees may go through stricter evaluations; their trucks are better serviced and have many other benefits.

Choosing a moving company that can provide all your moving needs is a great asset. In addition, a company that offers moving supplies, such as high-quality boxes, tape, does the packing, the move, and the unpacking can go a long way to relieve overwhelming stress and let you enjoy your time left at your current location.

When setting your budget, you may think, dollar-wise, a DIY move is the cheaper option. Still, if you factor in all of the additional shopping for supplies and the time spent packing, gas, and unpacking, the savings may not be in actual dollar bills. Freeing up time to get other things done while relieving the overall stress can be a huge plus.

Check Off What To Pack and What To Donate

What about those collectibles, and what about the clutter. Many of us cannot get rid of our stuff; however, this is the time to get organized and do it! It’s time to get rid of the stuff that has just become clutter, and you never use. Sell it at a garage sale, online or simply donate it. Donating items to those in need can bring on a sense of doing good.

Stay Organized

Always remember to keep organized. Set a place to put valuables aside. If you have children, keep their favorite items together. If you have pets set aside a place for them to feel secure while the disruption of moving materials around is happening. If your items are organized it will be easier for a moving company to move about and pack more efficiently so that when the unpacking happens at your new location, you are not in disarray.

Get Paperwork in Order

Keep a separate folder handy with all paperwork, such as quotes and receipts.

If you have children, request their school transcripts be sent to their new school.

Get your new driver’s license in order. You may be able to make the transfer directly on the DMV website of your new home.

A Do It Yourself Move

Get the rental truck scheduled or have your vehicle ready to go on the day of the move. Packing up the car at least two days prior is recommended.

If you are moving out of state and traveling with family and pets, make sure you are well stocked with snacks, drinks and even toys, especially when traveling within the long miles between rest stops and hotels. If the trip will take a few days, book a hotel ahead of time if you intend to stop overnight.

Your Big Move of 2022

Let It Roll With Ease and Excitement!

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