6 Tips for Moving in With Your Partner

Oct 20, 2020 | Moving Tips

Moving in With Your Partner Tips

So, you’re finally talking about moving in together. Congratulations! Living with a partner is a big step and can challenge even the most harmonious of relationships. You’ll see a side of your partner you’ve probably never seen before. You’ll quarrel about things you never thought about before, and you might even start getting tired of them. Here are some tips to help you prepare to move in with your partner.

1. Sort it Out

Your things, that is. Chances are, there will be a lot of things that will become unnecessary when you move in together, such as duplicates. Take inventory of all of your joint items, and sort out what stays and what goes. You can sell and or donate the surplus. Make sure to keep at least some personal, comfort items, like a mug that only you will use so that you don’t feel alienated by all the new things around you.

2. Work Out a Budget

Most people don’t like to discuss their income, debts, and spending habits, but moving in with a partner means bringing much of it out in the open. It would be best if you planned out your expenses and budgets together now. Talk about whether you want to pool your resources into a joint house budget or split the costs evenly.

3. Share Responsibilities

Talking about chores and responsibilities is just as important as talking about money. Work out beforehand how you’ll split the chores so that one person doesn’t end up doing most of the work. For example, you can alternate the days you cook, or one of you could cook, and the other does the dishes. You can take charge of a chore your partner specifically hates doing and vice versa. When responsibilities are not shared relationships can easily take a downward turn.

4. Personal Time

Just because you are moving in with your partner and going to live together doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your time doing things together. Spending more time with your significant other is nice, but you need to set aside some time for yourself, too. Doing little things you enjoy throughout the day, doing some self-care, working on your hobby, or some personal project are all critical things that should not be pushed aside. Besides, taking personal time will make your time with your partner that much sweeter.

5. Communicate

Living together means that communication and compromise are more important than ever. If something bothers you, don’t let it simmer inside until you can’t take it anymore, and it turns into a fight; get it all out in the open and work it out. If they have a habit that you find annoying, find a way to work around it so that you don’t drive each other crazy.

6. Keep Going Out

When you move in with your partner, you’ll start seeing them all the time, and you’ll feel like you’re spending all of your time together. But, you must remember actually to plan some quality time together! Keep going out on dates now and then. Or, if you prefer, prepare a nice movie night indoors. This will keep your relationship from becoming monotonous.

So, Have You Finalized Your Plans to Move in Together?

6 Tips for Moving in With Your Partner

Should we move in together is a common question of many partners. Once you have said, “yes”, it’s time to plan for your move.

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