5 Tips for Helping Seniors Move With Care

Sep 8, 2020 | Moving Company

Helping Seniors Move With Care

Every year, around 10% of the United States population packs up and moves to a new home. If your elderly loved one is included in that 10%, how can you help them move safely?

There are many reasons older people choose to move to a new home. Up to 50% of people aged 55 or older move for reasons that include enjoying retirement in a new place, being closer to family or needing special medical care.

If you know of an elderly person who is moving and you want to make the process smoother for them, this guide is for you. Here are five essential tips for helping seniors move.

1. Communication is Key

It is important to keep the lines of communication open during any move. Your loved one needs to feel heard and that their wishes are being acknowledged.

Don’t make a potentially stressful situation worse. Talk frequently and openly about any questions or concerns so that you can make the best choices together.

2. Downsize the Right Way

Decluttering and giving away items they have had for years can be an emotional process. These items represent a lifetime of memories that are not always easy to part with.

Start early and be smart about what to keep and what to give away. Consolidate items, throw out miscellaneous items that will clutter their new space. Sit down and discuss what to keep and why certain items should be let go.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is one of the smartest moving tips for anyone to follow. It’s especially important for seniors.

You will want to make their space feel as comfortable as possible and ensure a smooth, stress-free transition. Take the pain out of moving by knowing where each item of furniture needs to go or what the new space needs to make sure your loved ones feel at home right away.

4. Get Help if Needed

You do not have to do everything alone. If you would like extra guidance, there are plenty of resources available to help you move your elderly loved one with the utmost of care.

Speaking to experts before the move can show you ways to be certain the entire transition is safe, pleasant, and stress-free for everyone.

5. Help Them Settle In

The move does not end when your loved one is settled in their new place. They need time to adjust, just like anyone else, and they need your support.

Set up their new home with happy mementos, like photos or items that they love, to create a cozy and familiar atmosphere. Check up on them often to see how they like their new home and if there are any challenges you can tackle together.

Helping Seniors Move

5 Tips for Helping Seniors Move With Care

Moving to a new place isn’t always enjoyable no matter where we are in life. However, seniors need our help and support more than ever.

These five tips on helping seniors move with care should help to make the entire process as stress-free as possible for you and your loved one. Remember to start early, plan ahead, and talk often about the choices you need to make together.

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At Charles Moving and Storage we are passionate about helping seniors move with care. We want to help both the individual helping with the move as well as their elderly loved one, which is why we offer a Senior Citizen Discount as well as a packages discount to those moving into Senior Citizen housing and Rehabilitation Centers.

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